Kingston 皇后大學博士後研究員 畢業形象照

Kingston 皇后大學博士後研究員 畢業形象照

The client's request was originally very simple: a mug shot on his resume and a daily photo of his ID. But I changed my mind after he got changed into his suit and thought I had to take two sets of image photos of him because not everyone can find a suit that fits well and complements his temperament.

The lighting was also relatively simple because of the reflection of the lens so I adjusted to 1/32 power and the rest ISO400 aperture 5.6 shutter 1/80 second.


客戶要求本來很簡單就是簡歷上的大頭照和日常證件照也差不多. 但是我在他換好西服後改變了想法覺得一定要給他拍兩組形象照片 因為不是每個人都能找到很合身剪裁又襯托氣質的西裝.

布光也相對簡單 因為鏡片的反光所以我調成了1/32功率 其餘ISO400 光圈5.6 快門1/80秒.

Kingston 形象照
Kingston 畢業形象照
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