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Can glasses be worn for a U.S. visa application?

Figure 1 is wearing glasses. This is usually allowed in Canadian passports because we shoot professionally, usually with no noticeable reflections. However, no glasses or frames of any kind are allowed in the US visa, which is a new rule from last year and strictly stated.

Why are glasses not allowed on US visas?

The US visa application process requires strict adherence to certain guidelines to ensure the accuracy and security of the identification documents. One of these guidelines includes the prohibition of wearing glasses or any kind of frames in the visa photo. This is to avoid any potential issues with facial recognition technology and to maintain consistency in the identification process.

How can I ensure a 100% pass rate for my US visa?

Figure 2 is perfectly fine. You can achieve a 100% pass rate for your US visa by ensuring that your visa photo meets all the specified requirements. At Tsing Photography, we specialize in providing the best ID photos in Kingston, including visa and passport photos for all countries. You can rely on our expertise to ensure that your photo meets all the necessary criteria for a successful visa application.


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